Bitubo JBH12 Series fork cartridges


Bitubo JBH12 Series fork cartridges för H-D Dyna 2006-2017
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Bitubo JBH12 Series fork cartridges för H-D Dyna 2006-2017. #HD003JBH12WO

  • Plug & Play, it requires no modification of the original components, and allows refitting the original suspension at any time.
  • Rebuildable in all its parts thus keeping the efficiency of the motorcycle for all its life.
  • Twin shocks mono-chamber type
  • Improve riding comfort and vehicle control thanks to internal hydraulic system
  • Nitrogen pressurised with an oil/gas separating piston
  • Shock body in high resistance steel alloy
  • Upper and lower attachments are CNC-machined from billet aluminium alloy
  • Fully rebuildable

FXD 1584 Dyna Super Glide (2007-2010)
FXDB 1584 Dyna Street Bob (2007-2012)
FXDBP 1690 Dyna Street Bob Factory Custom (2013-2016)
FXDC 1584 Dyna Super Glide Custom (2007-2013)
FXDC 1690 Dyna Super Glide Custom (2014-2014)
FXDCI 1450 EFI Dyna Super Glide Custom (2006-2006)
FXDF 1584 ABS Dyna Fat Bob (2012-2012)
FXDF 1584 Dyna Fat Bob (2008-2011)
FXDF 1690 ABS Dyna Fat Bob (2012-2013)
FXDF 1690 Dyna Fat Bob (2012-2017)
FXDL 1584 Dyna Low Rider (2007-2009)

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